Logistics and fulfillment services

For a cus­tomised logis­tics han­dling expe­ri­ence that places your needs above all else, mds is the best choice! We pro­vide a full range of ship­ping ser­vices, and our 40-plus years in the busi­ness have giv­en us the tools we need to tai­lor our logis­tic solu­tions to your require­ments. Ware­hous­ing and dis­tri­b­u­tion – no prob­lem! Inven­to­ry man­age­ment and avail­abil­i­ty – our plea­sure! We find the best solu­tion for your require­ments and always work cost-effec­tive­ly and with great flex­i­bil­i­ty. No mat­ter what your size of busi­ness, whether ware­house logis­tics or full ser­vice in e-com­merce, we deliv­er a flex­i­ble oper­a­tion that lets you pick the ser­vices you need, when you need them with a wide choice of car­ri­er options to suit your ser­vice lev­els and your ship­ments.

Our services for you:


  • Effi­cient and time-opti­mised pro­cess­ing of all deliv­er­ies
  • Auto­mat­ed goods receipt process­es
  • Con­tain­er unpack­ing
  • Repack­ing and pal­let-load­ing
  • Check­ing and qual­i­ty con­trol
  • Cross-Dock­ing, e.g. for pro­mo­tion prod­ucts


  • Appro­pri­ate stor­age in dif­fer­ent types of shelv­ing (block stor­age, shelf stor­age, unit shelv­ing, walk-through shelv­ing)
  • Mod­ern high-bay ware­house
  • Flex­i­ble load­ing and unload­ing strate­gies (e.g. FIFO, LIFO)

Stock management and inventory

  • Pow­er­ful logis­tics soft­ware, adapt­able to cus­tomer demands
  • Set­up of inter­faces to cus­tomer-owned ERP sys­tems
  • Stock con­trol and buy­ing on behalf of our part­ners for improved deliv­er­abil­i­ty
  • Spot check inven­to­ry in accor­dance with legal require­ments
  • Annu­al stock­tak­ing, e.g. for high-val­ue arti­cles

Order processing and picking

  • Opti­mal order pick­ing strate­gies
  • Low error quo­tas through high automa­tion and con­trol mech­a­nisms (voice pick­ing, dis­patch prepa­ra­tion with scans)
  • Short cycle times through two-step pick­ing
  • Quick deliv­ery through route-opti­mised order pick­ing


  • Prompt com­ple­tion of pack­ag­ing orders of any type
  • Re-pack­ing
  • Labelling
  • Cre­ation of pick­ing and trans­port enti­ties
  • Cost-effec­tive pro­cure­ment and stor­age of pack­ages


  • Nation­al and inter­na­tion­al ship­ping with renowned freight for­warders
  • Track­ing of all pack­age and freight ship­ments
  • Attrac­tive and always up-to-date terms
  • Coun­try-spe­cif­ic ship­ping mod­els


Customs processing

  • Cus­toms clear­ance via ATLAS
  • Spe­cialised and trained cus­toms clear­ance clerks
  • Entry cer­tifi­cates and intrastate dec­la­ra­tion for intra-EU goods flows

Quality control and reports

  • Scan-sup­port­ed goods in and out process­es
  • Cer­ti­fied qual­i­ty con­trol in goods receipt and ship­ping
  • Reports and eval­u­a­tion of ware­house fig­ures