Facts and figures

You run your own warehouse with high fixed costs during periods of slow business?
You process orders, complaints and returns? You organise all logistical processes? With mds
taking care of behind-the-scenes tasks like stock control, inventory, order processing, customer service, IT and data management you can focus on business development, sales and marketing. Your resources are channelled into growing your business.

What we offer you:

  • 10,000 m² warehouse facilities in Mainz-Hechtsheim and flexible access to further
    warehousing in the area
  • 110,000 picking locations in different shelf systems (pallet racks and multi-block shelving, conventional shelving, high-bay racks)
  • High-speed picking technology, including voice pick system and vertical lift modules
    for separation
  • Certified quality control and multi-stage checking process
  • In-house IT department with SAP and e-commerce specialists
  • Multilingual customer service centre
  • Efficient data management and use of high-performance database systems

Our activities:

  • More than 100 customers in our distribution portfolio
  • More than 100,000 different articles with more than 10 million items in stock
  • Processing of up to 1,000 orders and Ø 6,000 lines per day
  • Worldwide shipping
  • Numerous connected shop systems